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If you want to plan your wedding feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed then keep scrolling. You’re barely engaged and still getting used to the fact that you have a fiance now. But, the whole world wants to know when your getting married and where, if they’re invited and if they can bring the new person they just started dating a week ago. Talk about pressure.

Whether you have know what kind of wedding you wanted since you were little or if you’re trying to figure it all out as you go, your list of to-dos is ever growing and time is dwindling. Between giving your all to your career, friends,

family and, most importantly, your relationship with your fiance, you have no idea how you’re going to find the time to plan a wedding. None of us can do it all and you have to ask for help where you can.

You want to be actively involved in the planning of your wedding, creating a day that’s as special and unique as your relationship. But, you need someone to guide you through the planning, save you time, keep you organized and most importantly keep the stress and overwhelm at bay.

I can help with that.


Planning Experience

Designed to help busy modern couples plan a wedding as unique as you with less stress.

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Are you more of DIY kinda girl? The shop has everything you
need to plan like a pro on your own.

Planning Checklist

Guarantee no tasks get overlooked. Our complete planning checklist is thorough down to the smallest detail.

Budget Template

Set, allocate and track your budget like a pro. Our budget template comes with budget setting tips and a way to manage it all.

30 Day Checklist

It’s almost time to walk down the aisle but you have quite a few things to finalize first. Our 30 day checklist ensures you don’t forget a single thing before the big day.

Timeline Template

A well designed timeline is the key to a stress free wedding day. Our timeline template helps you plan out your big day so you can enjoy every minute.

Yes! Now What?

You’ve just said “Yes!” now it’s time to plan the “I Dos”. Our I Said Yes! Now What? guide will walk you through the first and most important steps of planning.



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